Oh, the great hue and cry of the media and the hysterics of supposed calm and thoughtful liberals over a temporary ban on entry.  It’s Chicken Little’s déjà vu the sky is falling all over again!

So, whatta we really got?  A media and Democratic search where it’s so safe and easy to search for bad – yup, of course – in Trump standing under the Klieg lights while trying to keep us safe.

You betcha.  The real place to look and deal with the danger of Islamic Jihadists trying to do us harm is where?  Right, it’s in the dark, “beyond the campfires of civilization” where they are endemic in countries that either don’t care or are incapable of dealing with them; in places where they are free to plan, train, practice, raise money and followers as they prepare  their Islamic apocalypse.

The media is lazy. They seek the problems where the seeking is easy – and not coincidentally, safe – in Trump under the Streetlight, like good drunks looking for the answers they lost in the wilds of Iran and Syria.

And, the media is biased.  This observational bias looking at Trump under the Klieg lights is really also a prejudiced bias – a political bias, which they can’t afford to admit to – and so they criticize the actors trying to keep us safe; and not the actors trying to harm us.  Where is the hard analysis and criticism of Islam and the Moslem street – which has done little to nothing to combat them?

Boy, could we use a little common sense.

The media refuses to take a lesson from France and Germany:  millions of refugees and immigrants who do not want to integrate into the society, but rather carve out exception to allow them to set up a parallel society antithetical to all the values that an open and democratic society holds dear.

Think of the alternative.  The media refuses to take a lesson from even football:  the best defense is a good offense.  Are we really supposed to just find, train and deploy hundreds of thousands of additional police to stand guard at every open and public venue, from schools to stadiums to concert to dance halls, and even bars and restaurants?   A fool’s errand.

All this is is carping – where the carping is easy;

rather than search where the Truth is.

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