We are witness to German déjà vu all over again.  Germany is marching to a new Night of the Long Knives; only this time the first victims are outside Germany.  Astounding!  We, America and Trump are the first victims. But never doubt that the real victims in the end will be the German people; and then again, all Europeans and the member states of Europe in the EU.

German “liberal” and “mainstream” media has turned truth on its head in as venomous a way as the best ever out of Dr. Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry. What disgusting and insulting agitprop – Germans celebrating the death of freedom in America.  Trump holding the head of the Statue of Liberty; bloody sword in the other (Der Spiegel).  Really?  A free election is worth treating it as reversed “Medusa with the head of Perseus” and “Goliath with the head of David!”   What we are really hearing is the German political class singing a revised propaganda classic:  ‘Denn heute hoert uns die Amis / Und morgan Deutschland / Und uebermorgan die ganze EU’ (‘attack America today, tomorrow Germany hears us, and the next day all of the EU.’)

Here’s what’s going on.  The German political class is engaged in a 2 front fight. It needs to attack America to protect itself from their own people; and simultaneously to use the attack on America to hold the EU together for the purpose of controlling the EU and through it Europe.

The German political class is threatened by Trump’s win – and his inaugural speech that echoes Tiberius Gracchus’ great speech of 2000 years ago.  Trump gave us in plain English: republican (small r) government;  power resides in the people; the political class, when it serves its own ends, loses the legitimacy to represent the people.  This has appeal and has been taken up throughout the EU.  So the ruling political class has to tarnish Trump and then use that against those who believe that  power should inhere in the citizenry.

So with a Chutzpah that is not to be believed, Trump is attacked.  The temporary ban on visas is likened to racial and religious discrimination and destructive of democratic values.  This is truly the pot calling the kettle black.

Examine what the EU has done:  closed off its two borders where refugees and migration  can get in; set up interception at sea and return to countries outside of Europe; and set up camps to collect and concentrate refugees and migrants in countries outside of Europe.  Just see the agreement with Turkey for the southeastern EU border closings and enforcement.  Just see the Malta Declaration for the south middle EU border closings and enforcement.

A key element of a sustainable migration policy is to ensure effective control of our external border and stem illegal flows into the EU.”

 98% of those who attempted to enter were kept out through these methods last year, 2016” for the south eastern border of the EU.

Setting up:  “projects enhancing border management capacity … preventing departures and managing returns.”

 And for those who already made it into the EU: “Action Plan on Returns.”

So much also for attacking Trump for a border fence !

The sad truth is that Germany attacks Trump on disruptive foreign policy, e.g., on NATO.  Yet this is all the magicians art of deflection:  Germany is in fact a submissive dog lying on its back and offering its throat to that wolf Putin.  So, it must hide this cowardice and defeatism by misdirected attacks on Trump.

Exaggeration?  Russia has Germany by the short and curlies as well as the jugular.  Forty percent (40%) of all of Germany’s gas comes from Russia.  Thirty-five percent (35%) of all of Germany’s oil comes from Russia.  Russia is their largest supplier.  German industry would grind to a halt in days and the populace would freeze in their homes in days, if Germany did not play nice with Putin.  And, what is playing nice?  Again, misdirection.  Stupid Obama sanctions that mean little are upheld.  And, all the while Germany negotiates a new direct pipeline to Germany to circumvent Ukraine – and leave the wolf Putin free to have his cake and eat it too – gobble up more Ukraine and keep the Euros flowing from Germany.

Liberty?  Our founding cry is “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”.  Ah, but not for poor Germans; nor for any other citizen of the EU for that matter – so long as Germany has its way with the Eurozone.  Germany controls the currency and hence the economic fate of the Eurozone countries.  In order to maintain that control, vast sums in the hundreds of billions of Euros have flowed to Greece – as everyone knows, never to be repaid.  But the taxpayers of the Eurozone, get taxed for it – and have no say in it.  It is the unfairest abuse of all of a central authority that is not subject to vote and recall by the people.

Yes, a real hatchet job on America.  The questions this time are:

*   the German political elite have their Long Knives out – again to secure their continued power and rule.  Does it stop there?

*  for the EU, is this like the limerick of the woman who rode out on the tiger, but came back inside of the tiger? Does Germany accomplish by stealth through the EU what was not accomplished by force?

*  And if so, then again does it stop there, or -“bis alles in Scherben faellt”?  (’til all is left in ruins)

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