Life’s Ironies — States’ Rights has now become the siren call of disgruntled Democrats!  The intent is even the same as of yore – ripping the Union apart!

Democrats secede from the Union !  So Separatist Gov Brown leads a “Sovereign” California to create its own foreign policy with sovereign nations.  So Separatist Dems States’ Generals will create their own foreign policy regulating which persons may enter, live, work and enjoy taxpayers’ taxes in their Sepratist “Sovereign” States.

Now no self-respecting Separatist Movement exists without a self-righteous scourge.  Riding to the rescue of the Separatist States’ Rights Movement is its own great religious leader, Dem General Schneiderman, preaching the Gospel of the New Confederacy Constitution – which preserves the Constitutional Right of the Tail to Wag the Dog.

Dem Dems is cut from the same cloth as Johnny Reb ever was.  Johnny Reb wanted to preserve their way of life and slavery.  Dems Rebs: What, the people free to elect a national leader who gets to lead?  No way, Jose.  Dems Rebs want to change our way of life to prevent our vote to free all us “slave-mentality” deplorables.  Imagine, voters elected a non-Democrat.  Worse, the people,in their slave mentality, refused to at least vote for a member of the political class, even if republican!  Since the people do not respect that Dems Democracy they don’t deserve the Union.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but the people know that Dems gotta destroy the Union in order to “save it.”

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