China’s Frankenstein Monster – North Korea is the same as the Soviet Union’s Frankenstein Monster – Cuba.  Both used their vassal surrogates to checkmate America with nuclear destruction.

President Kennedy knew that the U.S. could not–would not–live under that threat of nuclear destruction that couldn’t be prevented or stopped.

Kennedy knew it was necessary to use real military force as the ONLY way to induce sufficient fear and uncertainty in the Soviet Union and their Monster so they would then negotiate for real and remove the threat to America.

That straight thinking and understanding of Evil’s Monsters–was lost after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Until now – thank God.  Trump has risen to Jack Kennedy.  Trump, alone among the Presidents since Kennedy, understands and is willing to undertake military force to force a real negotiation with China’s Frankenstein Monster North Korea.

Kennedy said he had to act:

President Kennedy: It looks really mean [big strong U.S. against little bitty Cuba], doesn’t it? But on the other hand, THERE WASN’T ANY CHOICE.  ….
President Kennedy: Well, I think I WOULD HAVE BEEN IMPEACHED.”

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