Amazing, how dumb they think we are !

Yup, a catastrophe happened to the political elite last November.  These political foxes had long ago learned how to control American elections by slicing and dicing us into balkanized groups, instilling fear into each group about every other group and then playing groups off against one another.

This political elite, long in control of America, woke up and realized a terrible thing had happened – their election scam no longer worked.  All their power and privilege was in danger of slipping away to an outsider non-politician – who happened to be rich enough to be beyond their ability to buy.  And so, these political foxes  resolved to regain control – by any and all means.

The method is simple: scare the shit out of the American People about this Wise Guy.  And so our sad tale of lies:

Scare ‘em:  A Dem pol hired a Brit spy to collude with Russky spies and dropped an earworm on good ole Joe Chicken Little that the Wise Guy was colluding with the Russians.  Joe Chicken Little got good ‘n scared, thought America was collapsing and ran off to warn the American People.

Running around the barnyard, Chicken Little runs into Jane Henny Penny.“Did ya hear?”, Chicken Little yells out – just as Henny Penny cries out, “did you hear?”.

And breathless Miss Henny Penny, afeared for her chicks, cries out “Oh, salacious behavior in Russia by Wise Guy just got buzzfed to me !”  Let’s run off to warn the American People.

Just then, Ducky Lucky running hard slams into them.  “Did ya hear”?, he quacks, we lost our former Great Leader’s ‘strategic patience’ with Great Leader Kim; and I heard through the grapevine the Wise Guy is crazy and gonna stand up to them Great Leaders!”  “We got to run and warn the American People they’re gonna be atomized because of the Wise Guy.”

So Chicken Little, Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky run round the barn to warn the American People – right into Turkey Lurkey.  “Did ya hear?”, rumbled Turkey Lurkey.

”The Wise Guy betrayed all our allies:  he stopped aid to the folks who give safe harbor to the terrorists who kill our soldiers; he’s gonna stop aid to all those squabbling little Euro countries, we have been paying to defend; ‘n just ‘cause they refuse to lift even a little finger to help themselves.”  We gotta warn the American People the world will turn us off unless we pay their way.”

So off they race through the barnyard, when they’re stopped by Goosey Loosey honking, “Did ya hear?”  “The Wise Guy is certified crazy by all the remora in the media sea!” and we gotta warn the American People.

And all the fox politicians, of every tail type; tales striped left, tales striped right, just so long as the tale is part of the political elite, open the barnyard gate and call out, “follow us, we’ll show you the way to reach the American People and warn them about that Wise Guy”.  And so Joe Chicken Little and Jane Henny Penny and  Dumb Ducky Lucky and Sorriful Turkey Lurkey and O’M’God Goosey Loosey all pile out the gate – into the waiting sack of the political elite foxes.

The foxes let loose the Chicken Littles and Henny Pennys on the American People.

An’ sure ‘nuf:  the American People, scared witless, came running back into the political elites’ Balkans corrals for safety.  Once  there again, they were once again fed great gobs of slop filled with opoids; safe again to be allowed once again to vote for the political elites staying in power.

A Fake Tale of the Sky Falling, as told by the Washington Puppet Masters,

full of sound and fury signifying nothing,

but the Political Elite’s Attempt to Regain Control.

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