Question Time:  PM May Sings –

My object all sublime I shall achieve in time—
To let the punishment fit the crime

To make, in Britain Each evil liver Unwillingly represent
A source of innocent merriment

And misdirect from us – the impotent.

Right, the Crime:  Contract Murder; Wrong, the Punishment: Home “Imprisonment”

This is the stuff of Aesop’s Fable:

An ass masquerading as a Prime Minister, got scared with the inability to fool the people. So she liberated a Lion’s skin and tried to impress the world that she was the Lion King.  And lo and behold,  she made a symbolic gesture and is hailed as strong.

But Putin the Fox who had always gotten away with murder had begun to wonder if this Lion was all bark and no bite.  So he murdered again.  .
Well, this Lion King came charging up to Putin the Fox, but then in finest voice could only bray, not roar, that Fox would be ostracized and have horrible punishments visited upon him.

That sly ole Fox, why he jus’ sidled up to silly ole Lion, first stroked her under the chin and then popped her good on the nose. While the Lion was reeling punch-drunk, Fox tied her up, every which way but loose, laughing all the time, “Some Lion!  Your braying with no bite betrayed you for the Ass you really are!”

And Fox and friends proceeded to take over half, or more, the world’s countries again.

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