MEDIA :Feed me;
feed me; feed me.

Pay my fee and get all my reasons to destroy Trump.
Let me show you:  the FBI CAN ALWAYS GET ANY MAN IT WANTS !

Media hear me out.  I’ve written the proper Memos to the File – So you will believe in my honor and respect my honor.

If there’s any friend of Trump, to you I say:  that our love of The Presidency is no less than yours of Trump.  It’s not that Comey hates Trump, but that Comey loves the Presidency more.

Would you rather have Trump and live as victims of a mob boss? Or that he were imprisoned,  for you to live as free men?

Trump was ambitious.  Since the American People was stupid enough to vote for him; I have to slay him.

Who here is so deplorable that he would not take back his vote?  He who is so deplorable is no American  and does not love his country !  Have I offended?

NO, NO.  We love a good smear campaign.

(Comey and the Media now allow in the American People in on it –  to be brainwashed, but….)

AMERICAN ELEPHANT (the blind politicians and nomenklatura can’t figure out the American People)

Friends, Romans, Americans, lend me your ears,

Comey came to destroy the People’s Vote; not to praise democracy.

The loyal Comey & FBI told you that Trump was ambitious.  Ambitious to get back American industry ; ambitious to get back American jobs.

A grievous fault.  And the FBI will make Trump pay for it.

For Comey is an Honorable Man. And so are  all FBI directors and their McCabes Honorable Men.

Trump was our, the American Peoples’, vote and was faithful to the American People.

But Comey says he was ambitious.  And Comey is an Honorable Man.

Yes, Trump wanted legal immigration, where the tail doesn’t wag the dog.

Yet Comey insists he was ambitious.  And, sure, Comey is an Honorable Man.

The American People don’t speak to disprove what Comey “commits” in his files.  For Comey’s wife’s husband must be above suspicion.

But we are here to speak what we do know:  that the political elite and their nomenklatura won’t stand for the American People saying “enough is enough” – vote the professional politicians out.

Yet Comey says that not coming from the political class and nomenklatura is too ambitious and morally unfit.  And, sure, Comey is an honorable man.

But We, the American People,
come, rather, to bury Honorable Men
who would deprive the American People of a Free Vote.

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